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We welcome all parents to our newly designed information portal. We always take pride in ensuring our students parents are receiving as much information as possible. If there is anything which we have missed out, please don't hesitate in letting us know. Please remember you can always refer to our FAQs for answers on commonly asked questions.

As a parent or carer of a child at Parrs Wood you will play an important role in your child's education. We believe that their success depends on an effective partnership between pupils, parents and staff here in school. We hope you can find the information you are looking for here. If not please contact school and we will do our best to help.

The forum included 10 parents with the Headteacher Mr McElwee. We discussed the forms of communication, the information that school shares, barriers around communication and general issues around communication. Please use the link below to download the Parental Forum Communication document.

Download file

Welcome to the Parrs Wood Community. We hope you and your child will have a happy and successful time at Parrs Wood High School. The information in this section is designed to answer some of your questions as you settle into school life here. If you can't find what you are looking for don't hesitate to contact school office.

How you can help your child

  1. Ensure your child has the correct equipment for school.
  2. Check and sign your child's planner every week.
  3. Look at your child’s work and discuss it with them.
  4. Check your child has completed his/her homework and that the presentation is neat and clear.
  5. Encourage your child to read.
  6. Keep finished exercise books in a safe place. They may be needed as evidence of completion of National Curriculum attainment and will also be needed for revision in later years.
  7. Encourage your child to watch television programmes linked to their courses of study.
  8. Visit local art galleries and places of historical interest.
  9. Take your child to the theatre and to see school productions.
  10. Encourage your child to join the numerous clubs and societies at the school.
  11. If your child is studying a musical instrument, try to encourage regular attendance at lessons and to practice.

At Parrs Wood High School and Sixth Form College, we're committed towards the health and wellbeing of all our students and staff. Therefore, we have been following the guidance and advice of preventing Coronavirus in educational settings. We would like all parents/carers to share this advice with their children to ensure they are aware of the procedures advised by the Public Health of England. For further information, please don't hesitate in contacting our main office.

Read more on 'Guidance to schools about Coronavirus'

At Parrs Wood High School we have a School Uniform Policy which we have put forward. This policy has been approved by the Governing Body of Parrs Wood High School. Please click here to read our School Uniform Policy.

We also recommend the following two stores for purchasing uniform for your child:

  1. Topform By Monkhouse
  2. MCS Stores

Both the stores are based in Manchester

Click here to download the Year 7 Curriculum Guide

Click here to download the Year 8 Curriculum Guide

Click here to download the Year 9 Curriculum Guide

Click here to download the Year 10 Curriculum Guide

Click here to download the Year 11 Curriculum Guide

Sixth Form College Curriculum guides:

Click here to download the Year 12 Curriculum Guide

Click here to download the Year 13 Curriculum Guide

For further information or enquiries please contact the school office

At PWHS we can offer information to be translated in the following languages:
Urdu/Punjabi, Spanish, French and German.

You can contact our main office if there is any other language which you would like information to be translated in.

You can also use our Google Translate tool situated at the bottom of each web page to translate the information in a language of your choice.

At Parrs Wood High School we have a large number of lockers available to students at a fixed cost. The lockers are only available for a five year period, therefore students will be required to return their locker keys to the school.

To read more information on how to purchase a locker please click here.

The School Day at Parrs Wood
Students Arrive 08:35 a.m.
First school bell 08:38 a.m.
PCD / Assembly 08:40 a.m. to 09:00 a.m.
Period 1 09:00 a.m. to 09:50 a.m.
Period 2 09:50 a.m. to 10:40 a.m.
Break time for all students 10:40 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
Period 3 11:00 a.m. to 11:50 a.m.
Period 4 11:50 a.m. to 12:40 p.m.
Lunch time for all students 12:40 p.m. to 13:25 p.m.
Period 5 13:25 p.m. to 14:15 p.m.
Period 5 14:15 p.m. to 15:05 p.m.

We urge all parents to always report absences to our school office. This helps us to know who has attended school and who hasn’t. The procedure for reporting absences is very straight forward.

When reporting absences please contact your childs Head of Year office:
Year 7 - 0161 446 8641
Year 8 - 0161 446 8641
Year 9 - 0161 446 8641
Year 10 - 0161 446 8644
Year 11 - 0161 446 8644
Year 12/13 - 0161 446 8648

Please note: Family holidays are not to be taken during term time.

Many Parents and Carers, regardless of background, feel that there are times in their lives when the need advice and support. Parents are best placed to make choices for their children but all parents benefit from access to high quality information and advice to help them make the best possible decisions.

To make an appointment or to arrange a home visit, please call Jo Mannion on:
0161 446 8640 or 07977224943. Alternatively you can contact us on

You can download our information leaflet by clicking here

E-Safety is an essential element of safeguarding children and young people in the online environment. Learn how we educate our pupils to stay safe online. You can also find more information on Safeguarding by visiting our Safeguarding page.

You can download our E-Safety Guide by clicking here

Please download the following file (PowerPoint) to read up on 'Social Media and Online Safety'
Download file

As a parent or carer of a pupil at the school, you are automatically a member of the Parrs Wood PTA, the parent-teacher organisation. It provides you with the opportunity to promote the interests of your own child and those of other pupils whilst enabling you to meet other parents/carers and teaching staff to share ideas and participate in the decision-making process of the school. Furthermore, our social events are very enjoyable.

The Association aims to create links between home and school by supporting the staff at educational evenings and organising fund-raising activities for parents, staff and pupils of the school. Our major fund-raising events over the past year have included monthly table top sales, selling refreshments at the Annual School Production and at various music and awards evenings as well as having a stall at the Didsbury Festival.

The money we have raised has enabled us to lend considerable financial support to the school. We would obviously be unable to offer such generous support to the school without the help of many parents, carers and friends who give up their time so willingly to assist us in our efforts. It is this support that makes us so successful and we would encourage you to make a contribution by becoming an active member.

Some major donations to the school recently have been:
- New Honours Boards
- Support for the Presentation Evening at the Bridgewater Hall
- Increased site security

Link currently unavailable (updated 05/03/2018)

At Parrs Wood High School we changed the way our students are assessed.

Please click here to read up on the Frequently Asked Questions regarding this topic.

You can see our performance data for 2016 in the School Performance Tables by clicking here.

At Parrs Wood High School we offer a wide range of help and support to all of our students. We work together as a community and ensure all our students can reach their full potential.

You can read more by clicking here to help you understand who canm help and how this can be accessed

Please see our latest school menu put together by our School Catering staff. If you have any further enquiries please contact the school office.

Download menu

Click below to read some tips put together by staff at Parrs Wood. Also, see what support is available for your child.

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