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At Parrs Wood, we are extremely proud of our diverse community. We ensure that our curriculum in all subjects is truly inclusive in its use of language, the examples used within the classroom and in all of our assessments. Students are taught about the importance of tolerance and respect for each other’s differences in Citizenship, whilst LGBT relationships are included throughout our comprehensive PSHE curriculum across all three key stages.  This ensures that students are given time to ask questions and discuss any issues in a safe forum which is facilitated by a member of staff.


We are particularly proud of ‘Q-Club’, our long-standing LGBT enrichment club, which serves as a safe space for LGBT students and their allies and students are encouraged to talk freely amongst themselves.  Q-Club also serves as a place where young people can be creative, artistic and educated on LGBT history and the importance of fairness, respect, equality, and tolerance for the LGBT community.


Members of our Q-Club are active in promoting LGBT rights through the celebration of LGBT history month, Pride and IDAHOBIT day. Students embrace their platform in assemblies to educate the school community that discrimination is wrong, has consequences and use their voice positively to encourage their peers to become LGBT allies.


We are also privileged and proud of our strong collaboration with the HIVE Theatre Company who we partnered with almost 20 years ago. Together, we have helped to produce a touring antihomophobia play tackling homophobia and transphobia.  The play tours schools across the North West of England and visits Parrs Wood High School each year to ensure all of our students get to hear the impactful consequences of this type of discrimination.