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Your choices at 14, 16 and 18

Choices at 14 ... My GCSE Choices

You will choose your options in Year 9, to start in Year 10.

This is the first step in building your qualifications profile for your future education and training choices and your career.

Think about subjects you enjoy and are good at alongside the subjects you may need for future career choices.

This weblink contains lots of information and videos which may help you when thinking about your GCSE choices.

Click choices at 14 to hear real stories about choices

There are also lots of activities at school, click the Year 9 link for the Future Choices programme to find out more.

Choices at 16

This weblink is a great place to start https://gmacs.co.uk/ click on Apprenticeships and Education and Training at the top of the page.

Click here to see a short video about choices at 16

Click choices at 16 to hear real stories about choices

More about Apprenticeships

 Click on the links below to get a flavour of the broad range of apprenticeships available:

Digital and technology degree apprenticeship





Find out what is available currently in your local area:

scroll down to find an apprenticeship.

Remember an apprenticeship is a job with training. So vacancies appear throughout the year.


Many young people face leaving school at 16 unsure of what to do next, feeling like they don’t have the right qualifications to get a job, or work experience.

Traineeships are short, flexible education programmes designed for 16-24 year olds, introduced in the UK to help young people develop and learn the essential skills that will help them find a career.

Where to find traineeships:


You may be eligible for the 16 to 19 Bursary Fund, which can help with things like books, travel or equipment if you will struggle with education or training costs.

Choices at 18

Use this link and click on to going to university and Alternatives to university e.g. apprenticeship, job , Gap Year.

Click choices at 18 to hear real stories about choices


Finance for university.

Is it really a loan as we know it?  Is it really as bad as many people say?

Make up your own mind by clicking the links below:

Shorter Version Student Finance England:

Shorter Version university student blog

Who can I talk to?

Want to talk through your options? Need help with an application? Not sure what to do next?

  • Mrs Brotherton - Careers Lead

  • Mr Pope - Careers - F44

  • Ms Patrick - Independent Careers Advisor - F43

Email: futurechoices@parrswood.manchester.sch.uk

Contact Number: 0161 446 8640