On Wednesday 30th November Abbie and Kevin took part in the ‘Rotary Young Chef of the Year’ Competition over at Congleton High School. Our young chefs had entered into our district finals and were up against 4 other schools with 7 other competitors in total.
The different kitchen , different equipment and in a room full of different people, would be enough to throw any of us off –yet they kept cool and calm (too calm Kevin!) under pressure.
Each student was to prepare, cook and serve 2 servings of a main and a dessert in 1 hr and 30 minutes! The pressure was on…with a live feed (mind the pun!)  of the kitchens through to a waiting area,  Miss Lyons and Miss Foster could only nervously watch as both Parrs Wood students started to pull out all the stops.
With each dish that was taken through to the presentation area we could see that Kevin was ahead of time, while we curiously watched as Abbie seemed to be having trouble with the cooker? This trouble lasted a good 10 minutes until it was discovered that another competitor had accidently switched off Abbie’s cooker at the mains – we ruled out sabotage! This didn’t throw Abbie though – she stayed calm (with a little flapping) but pulled through and both students produced and presented highly skilled and well-presented dishes.
The judges – Executive Head chef and Head chef at the Marriot Airport  Hotel , Members of the Rotary (who are allowed in the kitchens with the pupils) had been watching closely and appeared impressed with Parrs Wood dishes. With impressive comments and the executive head chef wanting to eat the rest of Abbie’s dessert we felt nervous but confident.

It was crunch time – we all gathered in the presentation area. Speeches began-  praising all the young chefs with their creativity and skill level. All chefs were presented with a certificate and trophy for their participation.


THE RESULTS: the top 3 would be heading through to the regional finals in February. Abbie was just  pipped to the post with 4th place. Kevin managed to claim 2nd place and so will be through to the regional Finals.  The school are very proud of both students efforts and they should be very proud of themselves!

Ms Lyons - ADT


Kevin's dishes:  

Chorizo and prawn stuffed chicken breast, on a bed of  shredded carrot and cabbage served with Tempura prawn and broth.
Mango and green tea jelly served with homemade brandy snap and raspberries.

Abbie's dishes:

Spaghetti Bolognese with homemade pasta and parmesan tuile. Raspberry and pistachio frangipane with homemade custard