Parrs Wood is always proud to support the work of voluntary organisations. In November the Anti-bullying Alliance, a charity that organises a campaign with an anti-bullying message, announced the Power for Good campaign.

The aim of the campaign is not just to raise awareness of bullying for one week each year but to raise awareness of preventing and responding to bullying throughout the year. 
Parrs Wood uses the values of Fairness, Respect, Equality and Dignity (FRED) to create an environment where everyone in the school is treated well and feels safe.

Mr Wallace and Miss Woodward, the Personal Development Coordinators, decided to promote our commitment to anti-bullying week by asking pupils to carry out a Mannequin Challenge that showed the negative effects bullying can have or what people in Parrs Wood can do to help prevent or report incidents of bullying.
There was a phenomenal response, with classes showing how much they understand why bullying is wrong and also how we can report and prevent it in Parrs Wood.

The winning video was this awesome effort by Miss Lyons and her wonderful Textiles class. The video showed arrange of different situations that the pupils recognised were unacceptable in Parrs Wood and include examples of what can be done to tackle bullying:

In second place was this fantastic video from 8DSF which shows a great awareness of bullying issues as well as the reporting system ‘Tootoot’ which can be used by students and parents to report concerns to the school.


Mr Wallace