We were delighted to take 12 of our gifted and talented students from Year 11 to participate in an overnight trip to Oxford University. The trip provided a fantastic opportunity for the students to develop their research skills into University life and gain an understanding of the choices available to them with regards to Higher Education. Oxford and Cambridge Universities represent excellence in Britain, the trip offered students a unique opportunity to experience life as an Oxford University student. Students visited the various colleges at Oxford and took part in a number of seminars before spending the night in Halls of Residence. The group spoke impressively about their experiences and how the trip had benefited them.  Our students, Gracie Ashpole, Ciara Garcha, Lewis Gray, Eloise Hall, William Blackburn, Aynkaran Rajeswaran, Jemima Sandford, Joel Danziger, Thomas Hardern, Olivia Jarratt, Minahil Ali and Adil Altaf were very enthusiastic during the trip and interacted confidently with Oxford students.

“The trip has made me realise that top end universities are accessible. It has influenced my decision of A-level subjects; choosing those that will be most beneficial for my future career path.” - Ciara Garch

"The trip was so inspiring, I loved looking around the different colleges and getting to experience the University first hand. It defiantly made me reconsider Oxford as a choice for me and it dispelled any preconceptions I had about the place. So interesting!" - Joel Danziger.

The days also reinforced the high aspirations of the students reminding them of their potential to achieve higher than average GCSE results in all subjects, which will then enable them to access the Russell Group Universities of which Oxford and Cambridge are a part.

Miss Sweeney
G&T Coordinator