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Privacy Policy

Including images of students on the school website can be motivating for the students involved and provide a good opportunity to promote the work of the school. It is important to balance the potential risks of including images of students on the website against the privacy of those students.

Parrs Wood is committed to the following:

  • No personal information of any staff or student will be used on the Parrs Wood website.

  • If a photograph is used, we will not name the student.

  • If the student is named, we will not use their photograph.

  • Group photos will be used where possible.

  • Image files will be appropriately named to avoid student's names in filenames and alt tags.

(All parents are asked when their child enters the school for their consent for the use of images of their children in school publicity etc.)

Code of Conduct using ICT

Parrs Wood students are required to agree to the following Network Use Agreement before they are allowed to use the computers in school:

  • I will only use the school network for educational purposes.

  • I will not save, search for or attempt to access any materials which may be considered to be inappropriate by the school.

  • I will not give anyone my password. If I suspect it is known by someone else I will inform a teacher immediately and change the password.

  • I will not use the Internet unless supervised

  • I will not send emails that may be considered malicious, offensive or contain unsuitable text or images.

  • I will not download any executable files.

  • I will not share files with other students unless instructed to do so by a member of staff.

  • I will not attempt to gain unauthorised access to the school’s computer network or another user’s files or accounts.

  • I will not bring into school any disks or email files that may contain unsuitable material, viruses or games.

  • I agree to allow the school to monitor and log at any time:

    • The addresses and content of my email

    • The websites that I access, as well as those I attempt to access

    • The contents of the files used and stored on the computer system

  • I will not reveal my personal details or those of anyone else, over the Internet, through email, or using the school computer system.

  • If I do find something undesirable on the school’s network, I will inform a member of staff.

  • I understand that if I do not follow these guidelines I may have my user privileges removed and be referred to the Deputy Head Teacher in charge of the school’s network.