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We are convinced that reading is key to your overall development. If you read a lot in school and at home, you will soon find yourself whizzing through tasks in every subject. That is why we have our rule that you should bring a reading book to school every day. You are sure to find some books that will grab your attention on our reading lists. Or why not pop into the LRC and see if anything there takes your fancy?

Key Stage 3 Reading List

Click here to view the current recommended Key Stage 3 reading list for students

English Homework

Year Homework
Year 7 Introduction to the Gothic
- Biography and Autobiography
- Travel Writing - From Here to There and Back Again
- Travel Writing Lower
- Poetry
- Shakespeare Project
- C20th Novel
Year Homework
Year 8 A Midsummer Night's Dream
- Media Project
- Striped Pyjamas
- Private Peaceful
- Holes
- Face
- Detective Fiction
Year Homework
Year 9 Prejudice
- Othello
- Media
- Pre 1914 Project
- C20th American Literature of Mice and Men
- Introduction to GCSE Poety

Please note: In September we will be updating the Homework. If you have any questions or enquiries please contact the school office.

Useful Links

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